• conceptSW21
  • F2R
  • catheterworkshop
  • GreenHouse
  • cleanroom
  • An artistic illustration of an intelligent deep brain probe
  • Example of the foldable Flex-2-Rigid technology, a flexible substrate that allows further miniaturization of medical devices.
  • A 200 m2 catheter workshop for the fabrication of smart-catheter prototypes
  • The 3500 m2 Greenhouse assembly facility helps bridge the gap from idea to production for printed circuit boards and advanced micro-assembly.
  • The micro-fabrication facility is a 2600 m2 class 100-10000 facility specialized in processing in its broadest sense.
An integrated Pilot Line for Medical Devices
In the InForMed project an integrated pilot line for medical devices will be established, covering the complete innovation chain from technology concept to system qualification. It will include micro-fabrication, assembly and even the fabrication of smart catheters. Uniquely, the integrated pilot line is hosted by a large industrial end-user, and is specifically targeted and equipped to bridge the gap in the landscape of micro-fabrication of medical devices between concept creation and full-scale production.
39 Partners from 10 countries participate in the project to form manufacturing networks and an eco-system where new medical devices van be seeded and nurtured to grow into new business opportunities for Europe, in a time when there is a paradigm shift from large expensive diagnostic equipment towards small, disposable, minimal invasive and un-obtrusive diagnostic and therapeutic instruments and tools.
The Pilot line will be demonstrated by six demonstrator products which cover traditional, emerging, and entirely new market segments, in the domains of "Hospital and Heuristic Care as well as "Home Care and Well-being," and that demonstrate the trend towards "Smart Health" solutions.
InForMed is an ECSEL JU project and is co-funded by grants from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
 The ECSEL Joint Undertaking (JU) co-ordinates European electronic component and system research and development activities through competitive calls for proposals. It is a public-private partnership, bringing together the ECSEL member states and associated countries, the European Union (through the Commission), and three associations (EPoSS, AENEAS and ARTEMIS) representing the actors from the areas of micro- and nano-electronics, smart integrated systems and embedded/cyber-physical systems.
Tel: +32 2 221 81 02 • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • website: www.ecsel-ju.eu
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