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Alphasip is a medium size company (25 workers) founded in 2008 and based in Zaragoza (Spain) which aims the drug of abuse (D.O.A.), cardiovascular and infectious diseases markets. Alphasip currently develops, produce and commercialise 2 drug of abuse detectors for the roadside police controls. The first product, called cocachip is portable electronic device which reads disposable cartridges based on lateral flow chromatography immunoassays technology and the second is a second generation bench-top device with improved capabilities.
Additionally, Alphasip develops several in-vitro diagnostics devices for the determination of cardiac and cardio-vascular markers, haematology markers and infectious disease molecular diagnostic devices. Alphasip participates or has participated to the following European or National projects (among others).

Infectious Diseases is one of the three main areas of research at AlphaSIP, along with Cardio-Vascular and Drugs of Abuse. This area is specially promising for the company because of its patented method for the detection of the Streptococcus Pneumoniae based on a magneto-amperometric genosensor that has already passed successfully clinical validation (during CAJAL4EU ENIAC EU project). Additionally the company has further developed this methodology in the National project Nanocardiodoco and the technological microfluidic technology in the Catrene project 3DFF (although for other targets and without implementing the PCR, Polymerase Chain Reaction), coordinated by Alphasip. Furthermore, the electrochemical method of detection has been awarded with the first price of the International Dropsens Award 2014 (to the best research work in applied electroanalytical chemistry).
The addressable market size for NeumoCHIP is over 24 M€ growing at a CAGR of 16%. This would be the first product of its class commercialized by the company.
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