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Silex Microsystem AB
Silex is an SME with approximately 30 M€ turnover and about 150 employees (>15 PhD, >30 MSc.). Silex is operating two state of the art MEMS factories in Järfälla, Sweden with all needed equipment’s for advanced MEMS integration.
Silex is world's first pure play MEMS foundry. Silex business idea is to do contract MEMS manufacturing of with volume manufacturing focus. Silex does not have its own products but only provide manufacturing service to customers operating two state of the art MEMS fabs (6” and 8”) in Sweden. Silex is an innovative leader in new MEMS processes, with focus on TSV, 3D MEMS, WL packaging (wafer bonding and thin film technologies), mechanical sensors (surface micro machined and Bulk), and long experience for new advanced material research, including noble metals and piézo materials with advanced post processing of pre-fabricated CMOS wafers. Silex has 14 years’ experience of producing commercial MEMS sensor (FDA approved) for guide wires catheters used in heart MIS. Silex’s personal has a strong research background in medical-MEMS.
Silex has their own R&D team in Sweden with focus on strategic partnerships and coordination of EU consortiums. Within this team also a Silex employed researcher doing her Industrial PhD on polymer MEMS processing with expertise in polymer chemistry.
Silex will in this project focus on industrialization of novel medical MEMS processes developed in earlier stage within the pilot line value chain. That means establishing protocols for technology transfers from lab to fab (SILEX), including establishing of stable cost effective volume manufacturing capabilities with stable processes with established CPK. Set-up of new features and automated inspection protocols in Silex existing Production systems as required for medical devices.
Silex has experiences from technology transfer business for example in 2011 an established MEMS process from another factory was transferred and qualified for volume production within 6 months and ramp-up to 600 wafers processed per week (8”). This was for an consumer product.
For medical applications more accurate transfer protocols has to be established which is a key task in InForMed.
Silex are operating 2 fabs (6”/8”) under 24/7 operation and fabricate on regular basis various medical devices to customer all over the globe. The MEMS fabs of Silex has world class performance and Silex engineer team is considered as innovation leader in the MEMS integration field creating novel MEMS device to Silex customers.
Silex has since 2011 been ranked as no#1 pure play MEMS foundry by both Yole Developments and HIS/iSuppli’s yearly top-20 MEMS foundry ranking lists.
Within the InForMed project Silex will establish novel polymer processes and set-up volume manufacturing equipement for cost effective processing on 6” and 8” substrates. These polymers suitable for passivation and biocompatibility in medical applications such as pressure sensors, p-MUTs, c-MUTs, lab on a chip, micro-needle/probes etc. We will also offer our already established TSV solutions for evaluation in medical applications. TSVs offer possibilities for size reduction and 3D stacking and novel innovative packaging of medical sensor requiring miniaturization or high density of I/O interconnects in for example pixel/arrayed imaging sensors (X-ray detectors etc)
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