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Technische Universiteit Delft (TUD)
Dimes (Delft Institute of Microsystems and Nanoelectronics) is a multidisciplinary research school embedded in the Delft University of Technology (TUD). Dimes integrates nanoscale and high-speed device physics, material science and process technology, MEMS and circuit design, and embedded system design methodology in one institute. The research focus of DIMES is to explore the boundaries of engineering possibilities, both in present-day and future applications of silicon and silicon-based technology. Dimes has a facility for the processing of integrated circuits and MEMS devices, managed by the head of the Dimes Technology Centre (DTC). It consists of a 600 m2 class 100 clean room with a full process line (0.5 µm CMOS/bipolar capability, including mask fabrication, epitaxy and ion implantation), a class 10,000 laboratory for MEMS (including DRIE, ALD, bulk and surface micromachining and polymer processing), a bonding and packaging laboratory and an electrical characterization laboratory Equipment for mechanical characterization (stress, strain, topology) and materials analysis (including AFM, FTIR, Raman, etc) are also present. DTC also offers dedicated training and hand-on courses to students and researchers.
The Flex-2-Rigid (F2R) technology which is one of the integration vehicles in the INCITE project was developed by TU Delft in close collaboration with Philips Research. As such, TU Delft has an in depth and expert knowledge of the technology and its requirements. The expertise of TU Delft in flexible electronics and micro-fabrication is longstanding and has resulted in many new and innovative concepts in the past, F2R being one of them. Invited talks in leading international conferences (IEEE BCTM, Flex-conference, Flex-Stretch conference, MEST) confirm TU Delft leading position in this field.
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