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Okmetic Oyj
Okmetic is a worldwide market leader in supplying a wide palette of silicon based starting materials for sensor manufacturers. In semiconductor wafers Okmetic’s specialities are very heavily doped wafers for power semiconductors as well as high resistivity wafers for RF-applications. Products include double side polished (DSP) wafers, wafers with epitaxial layers (both P/N and very heavily doped layers), SOI wafers, C-SOI (SOI wafers with buried cavities), and capping wafers. Main customer applications are automotive and industrial control sensors, but wafers are delivered increasingly to consumer applications, too. Sales for 2013 is about 68 M€ and amount of personnel is approximately 360.
Okmetic has long experience in working different European consortia. Okmetic is currently or has been a partner in Eniac programs: E3Car, Esip and Epamo, Lab4MEMS, Prominent (as a coordinator) and Incite. In this project we are providing our expertise in engineered SOI wafer development and manufacturing both for MEMS applications as well as to semiconductor detector material. Okmetic is a leading supplier of MEMS wafers. Typical applications are for instance inertial sensors and pressure sensors including microphones. Over 60% of Okmetic current turnover is generated from sensor segment.
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made with love from - No Festival