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Boschman Technologies B.V.
Boschman develops new processes for the encapsulation of advanced packages. Boschman develops and delivers encapsulation equipment and Ag sinter equipment to the world-wide semiconductor and electronics industry. The focus in the worldwide semiconductor and electronics industry is on the miniaturization and integration of chips to modules.
Boschman is involved in the encapsulation of fingerprint sensor, camera sensor, humidity and gas sensor, temperature sensor, (tire) pressure sensor and other MEMS packages. Boschman provides in a close cooperation with the semi-industry new processes and equipment for the MEMS packages and their miniaturization, also for high volume applications
Main expertise is the research and development of encapsulation solutions for Mems and Sensors whereby we use our patented Film assisted moulding (FAM) and Dynamic insert technology for mems and sensors to create open structures on the package. We focus on creating a high volume/low cost method. Price levels comparable to semiconductor assembly industry standards.
Boschman is worldwide market leader in encapsulation equipment for Mems and sensors. The medical applications form a new (to be created) strategic market segment for Boschman. The size of this new strategic market segment will become huge in the coming 5-10 years. For market data we refer to the Yole estimates.
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