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Pluriomics BV is an innovative Dutch biotech start-up company specialized in cardiac safety pharmacology and drug discovery & development using heart muscle cells derived from stem cells.
There is an urgent unmet need for innovative and (safe) cardiac drugs as the western community ages. However, the development of these drugs is lacking because current (animal based) disease model systems do not adequately represent human disease, and are therefore not suited for efficient novel target discovery and subsequent drug development. The ability to generate human cardiomyocytes derived from human pluripotent stem cells represents an opportunity to rectify this.
The PI and his team have been pioneers in the development of human pluripotent stem technology for applications in drug discovery & development. Furthermore the group has specialized expertise in high throughput assay development, quality assurance, patch clamp electrophysiology and multi-electrode-array safety pharmacology assays.
Pluriomics has multiple strong strategic alliances with the pharmaceutical industry, multiple University research groups and research intensive European SMEs. Pluriomics won the Dutch NGI venture challenge 2009 and was established in 2011.

Pluriomics R&D team is highly experienced in the development of defined and scalable cardiomyocyte culture systems that closely resemble human physiology. Pluriomics Pluricyte cardiomyocytes and completely defined cardiomyocyte culture media are in late stage product development and will be commercialized in 2014.
The team has a considerable amount of expertise in high throughput assay development & validation and quality assurance. Examples include patch clamp electrophysiology and multi-electrode-array cardiomyocyte assays.
Pluriomics has the vision to deliver integrated assay solutions to its clients consisting of best in class cells functionally validated and optimized on a variety of platforms. Cytostretch aims to be the best platform for cardiac safety screening because of the unique flexible electrode design. This enables the user to mimic the heart in action.
It is expected that the market for Cytostretch assays will grow to 5-10M Euro in 5 years after publication of convincing assay development data.
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