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Toppan Photomasks was formed in 2005, when Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. acquired DuPont Photomasks, Inc. and represents the world's premier photomask provider. Based in Round Rock, Texas, Toppan Photomasks offers a comprehensive range of photomask technologies, and research and development capabilities, as well as the most advanced and largest network of manufacturing facilities in the industry. Toppan Photomasks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toppan Printing.
Toppan Photomasks has contributed to European development thru several cooperative projects (Jessi, Medea+, Catrene, ENIAC, SEA, and French/German National Clusters), R&D Joint Ventures (Infineon, AMD, Global Foundries, Altis..) and Joint Development Partnerships with Institutes and Labs (CEA LETI, Fraunhofer’s, IMEC, CNRS...).
Toppan Photomasks is a fully owned subsidiary of Toppan Printing, a company founded in 1900 which started its activity in Printing business and has diversified its product and competency portfolio during decades. Today Toppan group offers solutions in various domains including commercial and publication printing, packaging, securities & smart cards, high performance thin films, semiconductor & display related products.

Toppan has launched several initiatives, internally and in cooperation, to develop an industrial contribution for micro-technology manufacturing of Medical Device and more generally to Life Science sensors including specific microfluidic applications. This is in technical continuity with Toppan core competencies in lithography and etching. Toppan has already some ongoing development in these new application fields.
Toppan group has also competencies in functionalized thin film, especially barrier film against humidity and contamination, which should be useful for Life Sciences applications.
For example, we have developed advanced etching and exotic lithography to support academic Lab’s such as Institut Curie and Zurich Hospital and innovative start up’s in cell discrimination.
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made with love from - No Festival