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Comelec SA

COMELEC SA is an independent Swiss company founded in 1979 and risen to be the European leader in the general business of packaging using poly-para Xylylene (PPX) usually called Parylene. COMELEC has been offering deposition services for 35 years in many applications fields (e.g. coating for: PCB electronics, magnets and ferrites, micromechanics...). The company offer 6 main services :
  • Parylene coating : Treatment service is the main business for Comelec. According to the customer specifications, the company offer different grade of Parylene (N, C, F-VT4, F-AF4) and a wide range of thickness (from 10 nm to 100 µm). Two ways of coating process are proposed: in a tumble or static chamber, depending on the shape and the brittleness of the parts.
  • Masking/unmasking: In specific cases there is need to avoid Parylene to coat electrical contact. Since many years Comelec has developed several masking technics. The masking/unmasking is performed under microscope to guarantee an arcuate delimitation of the coating.
  • Plasma treatment: Plasma treatment is used as complementary technology. It enables to activate the surface before parylene coating, etch Parylene and modify the surface state of the coat.
  • Equipment building: Comelec offer offer two types of machines—tumbling or static process—with different standard dimensions. Machines can also be tailored to a customer’s specific needs. Comelec equipment has been tried and tested in various industrial sectors, in the clean rooms of cutting-edge industries, and in top European research centres.
  • Sales of raw material: Comelec is also a distributor for the dimeric precursors for N-, C-, and D-type
  • Consulting on specific deman: Comelec shares its 35 years of parylene experience by offering technical consulting, assistance in implementing and optimising.
COMELEC has been collecting a significant knowledge, covering from the raw material to the final product. In addition, COMELEC develops and manufactures standard and customized equipment’s designed for parylene deposition. These capabilities will be used in this project.
Indeed, for a couple of years, COMELEC has mainly used up his researches around a process improvement with the objective to develop specific coating properties not achievable with a single parylene layer but based on a multilayer concept by using in-situ RF plasma. One of the promising applications is the development of the thin packaging for implantable medical electronic devices.
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made with love from - No Festival