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Multichannel Systems MCS GmBH
Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH (MCS) is a company focused on the development of high-end electrophysiology instrumentation. The company is located in the city of Reutlingen in southwest Germany. Over 50 employees with scientific backgrounds in engineering, informatics, physics, biology and biochemistry ensure an integrated development of hard- and software solutions for drug discovery and screening of ion channels. MCS is a leading manufacturer in the competitive market of microelectrode array sensor systems since launching the first commercially available MEA system in 1996. Since 2000, MCS employs scientific staff to focus on application development in cardiac and neurobiology research. Especially safety pharmacology, drug discovery and toxicology have been the key interests. MCS has been a reliable partner in national and international research projects. (Nanoscale, CMOS, and Invitroheart).
MCS exhibits core competences especially in multichannel and voltage clamp amplifier technology, stimulus generators, multichannel data acquisition hardware and software, and analysis programs. In addition to the development of new instruments it continuously improves already existing systems in very close contact with researchers and their applications. MCS is also engaged in numerous interdisciplinary projects with partners from the academic and industrial field, including the aforementioned projects for the development of new MEAs. With its high-end devices, MCS is the world market leader for acquisition hard- and software for planar MEA recordings, and has a strong sales department with around 16 members for the European market. MCS also acts as one of the main sponsors for the bi-annual MEA meeting in Reutlingen, Germany, which attracts more than 250 scientists every other year. Within the present proposal MCS will capitalize on its expertise on MEA amplifiers to develop devices for recording from stretchable MEAs developed by partners within the consortium, as well as provide software solutions to operate the respective devices.
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made with love from - No Festival