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Osypka AG
Osypka AG is specialized in cardiac stimulation and RF-ablation. Besides over 100 issued patents, the first electrode shaft with lifetime guarantee against breaking, permanent implantable leads with screw-shaped electrodes for fixation and RF-ABLATION ITSELF are main inventions by OSYPAK AG (former Dr. Osypka GmbH) which are nowadays worldwide standards.
The main available technologies comprise thermoplastic extrusion, (micro )injection molding, balloon forming, Silicone injection molding, overmolding of metal inserts with Silicone, CNC milling of platinum, titanium and implantable grade stainless steel and (micro )laser structuring, joining and engraving. Furthermore, coil winding and Nitinol-shaping complete our technology portfolio.
Our product range include catheters for electrophysiology and neurology, permanent implantable electrodes, encapsulation of permanent implants, temporary electrodes for cardiac applications and external pacemakers and defibrillators.
All processes are performed in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485:2010, if required in clean rooms class 10.000. Besides numerous OEM-products, the main product portfolio comprises permanent and temporary implantable electrodes and adapters, external pacemaker, diagnostic and therapeutic catheters and interventional products. The in-house ETO sterilized products are sold in over 65 countries worldwide.
OSYPKA is one of the pioneers in catheter manufacturing. Especially RF ablation with catheters in cardiac application was once invented by OSPYKA AG. Today OSYPKA develops, manufactures and delivers catheters for electrophysiological and neurological applications. A speciality of OSYPKA is developing niche products for specialized applications and demands. The catheters are distributed to 65 countries by an own sales department and an international trader network.
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made with love from - No Festival