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Cytocentrics Bioscience GmBH

Cytocentrics Bioscience GmbH is a high-tech scientific instrumentation and biotech company. CBG is privately owned Based in Rostock, North East Germany, and employs 6 scientists, 6 engineers, 3 technicians and 5 sales and admin staff. The CytoPatch™2 has most complete feature set in patch clamp instrumentation with whole cell voltage clamp and current clamp, perforated patch clamp, extracellular and intracellular perfusion, temperature control, fast ligand gated ion channels, mechano-stimulation . Offering sale of the CytoPatch2 system, along with cell lines, reagents, and contract research, CBG provides its customers tailored routes to accessing high quality ion channel biophysical and pharmacological data.
With it’s wide expertise in ion channel electrophysiology, cell culture, stem cells, primary cells, instrument engineering, software development, and particularly in the automation of the patch clamp technique with the CytoPatch™2, CBG will create a demonstrator platform based on the CytoPatch2 automated patch clamp system to test the CytoPatch four channel chip demonstrators in patch clamp experiments. Furthermore, based on Dr. Knott’s and Mr. Kob’s broad experience in MEA technology, the new MEA reader will be developed to integrate as a module into the demonstrator platform, tailored to the stretchable MEA.
made with love from - No Festival
made with love from - No Festival