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JVI is a service provider for developing and manufacturing electronic control units for different industrial applications. jvi has experiences in ultra-low power applications (some μW) also in driving motor units with some kW. In all cases a high precision and a high reliability is required. Since eleven years jvi researches in the area of the micropump. Therefore jvi knows the specific characteristics and risks of using a micropump in an application very well. In a running EU project SMOKESENSE jvi is responsible for the complete control unit for the different MEMS devices (sensors and actors).

Since more than 10 years, the SME JVI is a strategic partner of Fraunhofer EMFT. JVI has extensive knowledge in the development for driver units for piezo driven micro pumps. For a lab technology application JVI industrialised and tested already a fluidic module including the silicon micropump.
JVI bring in this expertise to InForMed. JVI will develop an optimised and energy efficient driver electronics according to the specification of the application (given by the associated partner Dräger). With this background knoweledgeknowledge, JVI is supporting X-Fab (for the silicon manufacturing of the micropump waferstack) as well as the pilot line (for the housing and packaging)
made with love from - No Festival
made with love from - No Festival