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Fleming Medical LtD
Founded in 1987, Fleming Medical has been supplying the Medical and Pharmacy trade with a wide range of products since it’s’ inception. The company has annual turnover of €11 million, with 3500 active accounts across the Pharmacy, Hospital, General Practitioner and Community Care sectors. Key product categories include Woundcare, Diagnostics, Infection Control, Incontinence Care, Medical Consumables and OTC lines. Fleming Medical possesses many long standing relationships with medical device manufacturers and key opinion leaders in the hospital and pharmacy sectors. Technical support and clinical training are services that are also offered. The company is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012, and also possesses a Medicinal Wholesale Licence granted by the Health Products Regulatory Agency. The company consists of 55 employees across numerous departments – Field Sales Representatives, Field Sales Merchandisers, Customer Services, Procurement, New Product Development, Graphic Design, Marketing, I.T., Accounts, Regulatory, Equipment Sales and Service, Warehousing and Business Development/Exports.
Fleming Medical has extensive knowledge and expertise in bringing medical devices to the market. With over 700 products CE marked and registered under the ‘Medicare’ brand, the company is extremely competent in commercialising products by managing the whole supply chain from concept generation right through to delivery and supply to our customers. With an existing comprehensive network of manufacturing partners, the realisation of the concept can be achieved by selecting and working with the correct partner who can deliver the product to market, while meeting all of the financial and regulatory constraints that are associated with such projects.
Through existing relationships, the company can engage with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the Woundcare sector to carry out necessary activities such as ethnographic studies, concept research, competitor analysis, product and patient acceptability trials. As an existing Enterprise Ireland (EI) client, Fleming Medical will also be able to be supported by their Life Sciences Division in bringing together KOLs and other relevant Woundcare experts if required.
Post product launch, Fleming Medical can provide the appropriate marketing and sales support required to ensure that the product potential is maximised within the current and potentially new sales channels, in both domestic and international markets.
made with love from - No Festival
made with love from - No Festival