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RS Scan has been operating since 1998 in Belgium (headquarters at Paal, Limburg), where the footscan® products are developed, produced and distributed all over the World (8000 systems world-wide). They offer the customer affordable, professional solutions for highly accurate dynamic pressure measurements in various configurations, with the best specifications to obtain an accurate result, combined with the clearest and easiest user interface. Through the years, RS Scan International has provided professionals in the world of sports and biomechanics with state of the art pressure measuring equipment for highly accurate gait analysis resulting in a worldwide acceptance as one of the most accurate pressure measuring systems in its field. RS Scan has a long history in university collaborations and its R&D department is growing fast to keep their position as a world leading company in gait analysis.

RS Scan is highly experienced in the field of plantar pressure measurement devices and the development of customer friendly software applications. Within this project, RS Scan will focus on the development of a pressure sensitive insole that is unique in its combination of flexibility, durability, high resolution and high measuring frequency, using the smart body patch development. RS Scan will play a central role in the insole development, validation, valorisation and commercialization of the project results.
made with love from - No Festival
made with love from - No Festival