D6 – Smart body patches

Demonstrator leader: Frank Everaerts (TNO/Holst)
Smart body patches and on body appliances constitute an important new upcoming market for devices that are worn on the body or close to the body, and that monitor our health and safety. The growing importance of these devices to drive economic growth in the ECS industry is reflected by the fact that they are represented in this demonstrator by no less than four different demonstrator products:

As diverse as the application areas are, as diverse are the technology platforms on which they are built. For these device to become low-cost and mass-producible however, some form of convergence is necessary to come to common technology platforms which serve different applications. A special task has been added in this demonstrator project in which a a roadmap will be defined towards these common technology platforms.

D6.1 – Smart bandages to monitor wound healing

2015 09 04 07 36 18 Demonstrator 6.1

D6.2 – On body toxic gas monitoring

2015 09 04 07 42 27 Demonstrator 6.2

D6.3 – Unobtrusive heart rate monitoring

2015 09 04 07 43 07 Demonstrator 6.3

D6.4 – A shoe inlay to map foot pressure.

2015 09 04 07 43 30 Demonstrator 6.4
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