Papers, Conferences & Workshops

• Dekker R., “Living Chips – Chips for the Living”, invited presentation at: Life Science on a Chip Event, organized by MinacNed, Trade Association for MicroNano Technology, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, 10th March 2015 [Doc_3]
• Dekker R., “Living Chips – Chips for the Living, sensor conference” Sense of Contact 17 organized by FHI, federatie van technologiebranches , Soesterberg the Netherlands, 2nd of April 2015 [Doc_4]
• Hartman Rob, European Update INC11, The 11th International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation INC11,, Fukuoka Japan, 11-13 May 2015
• Dekker R., “Living Chips – Chips for the Living,” Keynote speech on the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems ISCAS 2015,, Lisbon Portugal , 24-27 May 2015 [Doc_5]
• Dekker R., Living Chips – Chips for the Living, High-light speech on the 2015 Euromat conference, , Warsaw Poland, 23rd September 2015, session F3.1-1. [Doc_6]
• Dekker R. From chips in organs to Organ-on-Chip, MedTech Session, Semicon Europe 2015,, Dresden, Germany, 7th October 2015. [Doc_7]
• Dekker R. Heart on a Chip, a marriage between cell biology and micro-fabrication, Personalized Medicine and Health Research 2015,, Amersfoort, The Netherlands, 4th November 2015.[Doc_8]
• N. Gaio et al. “Upside-down Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Micro-electrode Array (MEA),” IEEE Sensors Conference, Busan, South Korea, 1-4th November 2015.[Doc_12]
• P.A.S. de Wit, R. Dekker, M.W.M. Graef, “PHD+ bridges the valley of death between research and industry,” TU Delft and Philips Research, ICERI 2015 Conference, Seville, 16-18th November 2015, [Doc_2]
• INCITE IVUS Catheter Demonstrator, Workshop with the STW-perspective IMIT project. 1st December 2015, Philips High Tech Campus. [Doc_13]
• Medtronic. “InForMed Kick-off” Medtronic Newsletter December 2015 [Doc-11]
• Dekker R, “Meet Dr. Frankestein,” 2016 The interface for Dutch ICT research, 22-23 March, The Flint, Holland

Press releases

• April 2015, Vernieuwd Dimes Technology Centre krijgt nieuwe naam: ‘Else Kooi Lab’ press release TUDelft
• June, 2015, “PICOSUN ALD breaks through in Medical Technology,” PICOSUN [Doc_1]
• October, 2015; AlphaSip organized a major press event for newspapers and television immediately after the InForMed Zaragoza workshop. This press release gave major coverage in the Spanish media e.g., Expansión, Heraldo, Lavanguardia [Doc_9]
• October, 2015; “Irish and Dutch Researchers Develop “Smart Dressing” To Transform Wound Care” press release Tyndall, Holst, Fleming Medical. It yielded responses in a number of papers and internet sites: Tyndall, Gizmag, GeekJournal, Cork Chamber, Engineers Journal, DynQuest Medical, SiliconRepublic. Eindhovens Dagblad, RTL television news, de Ondernemer, Algemeen Dagblad,, Libelle Daily, Metronieuws, BNR, Nationale Zorggids, POWNet [Doc_10]


Impressions of press events organized by AlphaSip and the University of Zaragosa (left) and by Tyndall.


7.1 Public Summary 

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