Work Package interaction
The InForMed project has been split-up in a number of work packages. The first work package (WP1) addresses the actual extension of the PInS cleanroom from a research facility to a pilot line for micro fabrication while WP2 addresses the extensions of the PInS cleanroom to a pilot line for advanced assembly. The embedding of the pilot line within a chain from research to full production is addressed in WP3
WP4 and WP5 are large work packages which comprises in total six demonstrator projects in “Hospital & heuristic healthcare” (WP4) and “Home care & wellbeing” (WP5) which have been selected to demonstrate the effectiveness of the pilot line. All of these projects relate to real products, some of them more in a research/development stage, while others are at the stage of transfer to high volume manufacturing.
WP6 coordinates dissemination, exploitation and standardisation activities. A separate work package, WP7, is dedicated to project management.
The InForMed project consists of a number of interrelated activities. The work involves the integration of a number of innovation components. A continuous interaction between the research and validation components of the project is also planned for in the project plan. InForMed will actively seek to re-adjust its research activities and objectives based on evidence, as it becomes available from the validation component of the project.
The InForMed project is a large project with many partners and demonstrators. To facilitate and ease the overall project management the project not only has work package leaders but also demonstrator leaders. The demonstrator leaders are responsible for the individual demonstrator products and report to the work package leaders. In most cases the demonstrator leader is also the end user of the product.
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