WP5 - Demonstrators: “Home care and well-being”
Work package leader: Erik Jung (Fraunhofer IZM)
In this work package three demonstrator products will be realized which show the trend towards “Smart Health solutions” in the domain of “Home care and well-being.” All three demonstrators (the three tasks of this work package) target an innovative product which each demonstrates the capabilities of the pilot line. Additionally, the demonstrator products serve to bring together the competences needed for the fabrication of these highly heterogeneous devices to form manufacturing networks amongst expert groups in Europe.
The three demonstrator products in this work package are:
  • A revolutionary implantable steerable probe for Deep Brain Stimulation for a much more targeted treatment of Parkinson’s disease with strongly reduced side-effects; Read more...
  • A point of care cartridge for the early detection of “streptococcus pneumonia” bacteria for a faster and more effective treatment of pneumonia; Read more...
  • Smart-body patches for: Intelligent wound care, Unobtrusive heart monitoring, toxic gas screening and foot-pressure sensing. Read more...
In the demonstrator tasks, sub tasks have been defined in which innovation aspects are addressed which pave the way towards innovation roadmaps and future products. 
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