WP6 - Innovation Management
Work package leader: Ronald Dekker (Philips)
The objectives of this work package are:
  • To exchange information within the project Consortium;
  • To exploit and disseminate the results of the project;
  • To curate and preserve research data;
  • To manage the generation of intellectual property;
  • To establish the leading position in our micro-fabrication infrastructure.
This work package has a multiple role: It has the responsibility to investigate and support the exploitability of the InForMed results and to propose realistic exploitation models, to disseminate the project’s results to the user community, to contribute to existing standards whenever applicable and to protect the IPR of the project partners.
Important exploitation goals of InForMed are the sustainability of our solutions beyond the duration of the project and the use of the project outcomes by stakeholders outside of the Consortium. 
We believe that a successful dissemination of our results is key to the wide-scale uptake of our solutions by the user communities.
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